IP Netblocks WHOIS Database | WhoisXML API

Examine which IP range an IP address belongs to along with its ownership information

We provide a daily updated database with all registered IP netblocks and ranges, also containing WHOIS ownership and location details of each IP range.

WHOIS Database
10.4 Million+IP Netblocks in total
21,800+Ranges updated daily
64,200+Unique ASNs
52,000+Satisfied customers

Three IP Netblocks Database forms

  • Full IP Netblocks Database

    All of our IP netblocks data on a given day with proper unification and consistent formatting in JSON or CSV.

  • Daily Incremental IP Netblocks Database

    All IP ranges added, dropped, or modified since the day before.

  • Lite IP Netblocks Database

    A partial database of the IP Netblocks for a given date made for academic purposes. It includes about 5% of a full IPv4 database. It doesn't provide IPv6 records.

IP Netblocks WHOIS Database | WhoisXML API

IP Netblocks WHOIS Database can be configured to match your specific data access requirements

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Practical usage

Provide Context to Cybersecurity Analyses

Establish context around each IP address that appears in your network and firewall logs by taking its IP range and ownership details into account. The IP Netblocks WHOIS Database also includes location data for IP ranges, allowing you to implement location-based strategies.

Provide Context to Cybersecurity Analyses

Augment Security Systems with IP Range Data

  • Feed your security systems with IP intelligence that includes the IP range’s WHOIS ownership details, location information, and Autonomous System Number (ASN). These data points can enrich your threat intelligence, SOAR, and SIEM systems.

Strengthen Defenses

  • IP Netblocks WHOIS Database can help reveal IP ranges with multiple malicious IPs on their roster. Blocking such IP ranges can protect your network from DoS threats.
  • Threat profiles that use IP netblocks intelligence can help incident management teams better prepare for and respond to cyber threats.
  • Protect your network by blocking IP addresses located in cybercrime hotspots and those owned by known malicious actors.

Expand Threat Detection Capabilities

  • Our IP Netblocks WHOIS Database comes in daily increments to help monitor modifications made to any IP netblock. An unexpected change could mean that the netblock is being hijacked.
  • Use IP netblock intelligence as part of spam filtering rules so you can flag spammers even before they get inside your network.
Create Data-Driven Business Strategies

Create Data-Driven Business Strategies

Incorporate IP netblock intelligence when you develop brand protection and marketing strategies. Analyze web server logs and compare them with IP Netblocks WHOIS Database to better understand your web traffic structure.

Use IP ownership and network details to target organizations with tailored advertising campaigns.

Enhance DRM and Content Filtering Policies

Use the location data gleaned from IP Netblocks WHOIS Database to strengthen your digital rights management (DRM) implementation effectively.

Know the Location of Your Audience

Map out the origin of your web traffic by correlating your server logs with IP netblock data. Knowing where your web visitors are from can help you create more targeted marketing and content strategies.

Explore Business Expansion Opportunities

Monitor IP Netblocks WHOIS Database for IP ranges that become available for acquisition.

IP Netblocks API | WhoisXML API

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