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Obtain ASN Data from IP Netblocks Intelligence

Enhance company insights by using ASN data of our comprehensive IP netblocks repository via IP Netblocks API or IP Netblocks Database.

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WHOIS Database
13.5 Million+IP Netblocks in total
48,000+Ranges updated daily
65,000+Unique ASNs
52,000+Satisfied customers

What ASN Data Is Included?

  • IP Ranges

    This data includes the information contained in the inetnum (“–”), inetnumFirst (integer), and inetnumLast (integer) fields. It contains details regarding an IPv4 address space allocation or assignment.

  • AS Details

    This data includes the registered holder’s ASN, name, type, route, domain, and country. These tell users more about the holder’s routing policy for that particular ASN.

Why Choose Our Data?

  • Extensive

    Our repositories cover tens of thousands of unique ASNs to give you a complete picture.

  • Well-Structured

    Our data is well-parsed and easily accessible via API calls or downloadable data feed files, making it easy to integrate into existing systems.

  • Fresh

    Our ASN data gets daily updates to give you the latest information.

What Delivery Models Do You Offer?


ASN data fields come with IP Netblocks Database in unified and consistent JSON or CSV format obtainable in three forms:

  • Full database: contains ASN data for 99.5% of all IP addresses used worldwide.
  • Daily incremental database: contains ASN data for all IP ranges added, dropped, or modified a day before.
  • Lite database: contains partial ASN data (5% of the full IPv4 database; no IPv6 data) for IP netblocks on a given date, useful for academic purposes.
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Our ASN data fields provide detailed information on the entities behind IP traffic and are accessible via IP Netblocks API.

Our API data is available in JSON or XML format. The API includes a free subscription plan limited to 1,000 queries.

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