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Datafeed files

The data feed provides a downloadable database of the registered IP Netblocks (IP ranges) with detailed information regarding each range. Some network blocks provided by the API may be missing in the data feed. That happens when a block equals an Autonomous System's route but doesn't have a corresponding WHOIS. Those records have the "parent" field set in the API response.

The database contains IP whois data from major Internet Addresses Registries on a daily basis

The resulting database is a joint dataset, post-processed to get unified and consistent format and data. The output format is JSON or CSV where every row is a separate JSON object or CSV row. It allows parallel processing in your systems.

About 20% of records have partly redacted contact information, due to GDPR.

The database comes in three forms

  • Full databases — a full database of all the IP Netblocks for a given date in unified and consistent JSON or CSV format. These files are named in format:
    "ip_netblocks.%DATE%.full.contacts[.v6].csv.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.full.contacts.csv.gz" and "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.full.contacts.v6.csv.gz"
  • Daily incremental databases — changes in full IP Netblocks database compared to the previous date. Includes added, dropped and modified IP ranges since yesterday. These files are named in format:
    "ip_netblocks.%DATE%.daily.contacts[.v6].csv.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.daily.contacts.csv.gz" and "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.daily.contacts.v6.csv.gz"
  • Lite databases — a partial database of the IP Netblocks for a given date made for academic purposes. It includes about 5% of a full IPv4 database. It doesn't provide IPv6 records. These files are named in format:
    "ip_netblocks.%DATE%.lite.contacts.csv.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.lite.contacts.csv.gz"

File storage time: full and daily files are available for 3 months since their creation date. Lite files are available for a week.

A fresh daily incremental database is delivered every day at 02.00 PST.

The database also includes BGP enriched files

The BGP enriched files include a parent field that is the reference to the block from which the information was borrowed. Its presence indicates that the block was obtained from BGP routing tables.


Downloading via HTTPS

Downloading via FTP

Downloading via FTPS

Read more about the FTPS connection:

Our FTP server supports explicit FTP over TLS encryption. You may configure your FTP client to use explicit FTP over TLS encryption for secure communications.

Our FTPS server is accessed using the same paths and API keys as a regular FTP server, the instructions for which are described above. To connect via FTPS, select the "Require explicit FTP over TLS" encryption option in your FTP client, if it supports it. FileZilla configuration example:

explicit FTP over TLS encryption

Average file sizes

Here are presented approximate files sizes and records numbers.

gzip unpacked records
v4 v6 v4 v6 v4 v6
Full .jsonl 616.8MiB 91.7MiB 8.2GiB 1.0GiB 9.2M 1.0M
Full .blocks.csv 263.6MiB 44.9MiB 1.9GiB 298.2MiB 9.2M 1.0M
Full .contact.csv 108.6MiB 12.8MiB 588.6MiB 57.9MiB 5.4M 480.0K
Daily .jsonl 7.9MiB 1.4MiB 138.6MiB 23.2MiB 123.8K 21.2K
Daily .blocks.csv 3.5MiB 910.7KiB 27.9MiB 6.6MiB 123.8K 21.2K
Daily .contact.csv 766.6KiB 130.8KiB 2.4MiB 443.4KiB 33.6K 5.1K
Lite .jsonl 39.3MiB - 422.6MiB - 458.6K -
Lite .blocks.csv 17.1MiB - 97.8MiB - 458.6K -
Lite .contact.csv 7.8MiB - 33.0MiB - 319.8K -