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Datafeed files

The data feed provides a downloadable database of the registered IP Netblocks (IP ranges) with detailed information regarding each range.

The database contains IP whois data from major Internet Addresses Registries on a daily basis

The resulting database is a joint dataset, post-processed to get unified and consistent format and data. The output format is JSON or CSV where every row is a separate JSON object or CSV row. It allows parallel processing in your systems.

About 20% of records have partly redacted contact information, due to GDPR.

The database comes in two forms

  • Full databases — a full database of all the IP Netblocks for a given date in unified and consistent JSON or CSV format. These files are named in format:
    "ip_netblocks.%DATE%.full.contacts[.v6].csv.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.full.contacts.csv.gz" and "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.full.contacts.v6.csv.gz"
  • Daily incremental databases — changes in full IP Netblocks database compared to the previous date. Includes added, dropped and modified IP ranges since yesterday. These files are named in format:
    "ip_netblocks.%DATE%.daily.contacts[.v6].csv.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.daily.contacts.csv.gz" and "ip_netblocks.2018-12-19.daily.contacts.v6.csv.gz"

File storage time: every file is available for 3 months since its creation date.

A fresh daily incremental database is delivered every day at 02.00 PST.

Downloading via HTTPs

Downloading via FTP

  • Host:
  • Port: 21210
  • Username: 'user'
  • Password: equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.

Average file sizes

Here are presented approximate files sizes and records numbers. Every field stores values for IPv4 and IPv6 files separated by slash.

gzip unpacked records
v4 v6 v4 v6 v4 v6
Full .jsonl 618.3MiB 84.7MiB 8.2GiB 872.6MiB 9.2M 941.9K
Full .blocks.csv 262.9MiB 40.3MiB 1.9GiB 239.4MiB 9.2M 941.9K
Full .contacts.csv 108.5MiB 11.7MiB 579.8MiB 35.0MiB 5.4M 417.3K
Daily .jsonl 3.5MiB 327.4KiB 47.9MiB 3.2MiB 45.7K 3.4K
Daily .blocks.csv 1.5MiB 183.0KiB 10.3MiB 998.9KiB 45.7K 3.4K
Daily .contacts.csv 402.2KiB 42.3KiB 1.2MiB 124.5KiB 16.1K 1.5K
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