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Find out more about the IP range of an IP address

Gather details about the IP range of a specific IP address such as its netblock borders, last update, organization name, country code, abuse contact information, and more.

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IP Netblocks product line includes


Just take an IP address, company name, or ASN to make a quick review of the corresponding IP range.

IP Netblocks Lookup | WhoisXML API
IP Netblocks API | WhoisXML API


All of our IP netblock intelligence is accessible through API calls to enrich your systems and products.


Our entire IP Netblocks WHOIS Database is available in JSON or CSV formats with daily updates.

IP Netblocks WHOIS Database | WhoisXML API

Practical usage

Enhance Cybersecurity Efforts

IP netblocks intelligence, on its own or in correlation with other sources, can provide context to IP addresses that show up in firewall and network logs.

Enhance Cybersecurity Efforts

Enrich Security Systems with IP Intelligence

  • Feed IP range data points such as Autonomous System (AS) numbers, locations, and owner information to your security systems, including security information and event management (SIEM); security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR); and threat intelligence platforms.

Bolster Cyber Threat Defense

  • An IP range with several malicious IP addresses can figure in denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Use IP netblocks products to determine associations and protect your network by blocking an entire IP range or netblock if necessary.
  • Incident management teams can monitor all IP addresses that belong to a certain netblock for threat profile building.
  • Implement location-based blocking, effectively keeping your network safe from IP addresses located in places known as cybercrime hubs.

Prevent Netblock Hijacking

  • Check for telltale signs of netblock hijacking by getting real-time updates for changes made to your network.
  • Know which of your IP ranges have been modified so you can immediately report potential hijacking incidents.
Make Informed Business Decisions

Make Informed Business Decisions

The IP addresses on your web server logs can serve a purpose when correlated with IP netblocks data. By grasping traffic dynamics and structure, you can make informed and strategic marketing and brand protection decisions.

Target specific organizations with personalized ad impressions based on their IP ranges as identified from IP netblocks.

Strengthen DRM and Network Filtering Strategies

Block IP netblocks based on the location information revealed to effectively enforce network filtering and digital rights management (DRM) policies.

Trace the Origin of Website Traffic

Knowing where your audience is can help you create more personalized content. Run your web server logs through IP netblocks intelligence so you can map out your website visitors’ locations.

Expand Business Reach

Obtaining other netblocks can help expand your web portfolio and open your business up to expansion opportunities. Use IP netblocks’ insights to see the available ranges for acquisition and learn who their owners are.

IP Netblocks Overview | WhoisXML API

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