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Making requests

It takes up to a minute to activate your account after the registration.

Input parameters: required


Get your personal API KEY on My products page.


Required one of the following input fields: ip, org, asn. Get ranges by IPv4/IPv6 address or by CIDR depending on input. Also, the search by CIDR could be done with the optional mask parameter, if it's more convenient.


Required one of the following input fields: ip, org, asn. Find IP Netblocks which have the specified search terms in their Netblock (netname, description, remarks), or Organisation (,,, org.address) fields. To provide multiple terms: ?org[]=term1&org[]=term2&org[]=term3


Required one of the following input fields: ip, org, asn. Get ranges by ASN (Autonomous System Number).

Input parameters: optional


Response output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: JSON


Optional for ip parameter only. Get ranges by CIDR.

Acceptable values: 0 - 128 (0 - 32 for IPv4)

Default: 128


Max count of returned records.

Acceptable values: 1 - 1000

Default: 100


The IP netblock range is used as an offset for the returned results.

Since every response is limited to limit records (100 by default), you can retrieve the next page by putting the next parameter from the response into this parameter. For example, if the next parameter is "" to retrieve the next page, call

If the parameter is omitted, you'll get a maximum of limit records (default 100).

If the next parameter is null, then there is no next page.

Such pagination is only available for IPv4, IPv6 and ASN API requests. ORG requests don't support it.

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 1,000 queries per month.

Usage limits and requests throttling

The maximum number of requests per second is 100. In case that the limit is breached, your subsequent requests will be rejected until the next second.

This API is also available with a dedicated load balancer and premium endpoint to enable faster querying as part of our Premium API Services and Enterprise API Packages.